Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What can you expect when you convert your car to run on water?

With the gas price being expensive as it is, many car drivers wants to convert their car to run on water. The technology for an automobile hydrogen conversion is now used by thousands of drivers and offered by many companies through books, plans, diagrams and kits that are tested and reliable. Hydrogen hybrid cars a.k.a. water powered cars utilize a HHO fuel generator to supplement the engine with brown’s gas.

This HHO fuel cleans the carbon deposits out of the car engine and also keeps the engine cooler. A clean engine is a more powerful engine. HHO combustion results in water as the only by-product. This creates less and cleaner exhaust fumes. That is really good for the environment and contributes to the reduction of the green house effect.

The HHO fuel generator is a little kit that converts water to hydrogen using electric power from the car’s battery. Brown’s gas fuel is very efficient. Many car drivers report a boost between 50-70% in gas millage per gallon. This is the main reason why people convert their car to run on water. Can you imagine how much more money you will have in your pockets at the end of the year? The cost of conversion to hydrogen hybrid car is only a few hundred dollars assuming that you do it yourself. It is definitively a good investment for your wallet and the environment.

By driving a hydrogen gas car, you will be at the forefront of a new exploding trend. You will lead by example and motivate many other drivers to convert their car to run on water and help save the planet while saving a lot of money!

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